Breakfast at Antonio’s

Had the chance to head out of Makati, visit the countryside, see some scenery and smell the pineapples (they grow them here) … As well as trying a great breakfast at Antonio’s in Tagaytay.  Got an early start (5:30am) to avoid the traffic and to offset the possible delays caused by Tropical Storm Kabayan that was drenching the area.  Thanks Lehman and Iza for the invite!

Climbing into the hills it soon became clear that viewing the scenery was going to present a challenge… and what’s with the 22 degrees?? I only wore shorts and a T-Shirt




Antonio’s awaited…. would have had a great view if it was clear 🙂  …. the food however was worth the drive and the early start


Smoked King Chinook Salmon on House Baked Whole Wheat Bread, Cream Cheese, Caperberries and Scrambled Eggs (I loved the lemon wedge, wrapped in its own mesh so you didn’t have deal with the pips…)


Mango Flambe Crepe with Vanila Ice Cream.  Not often you have desert after a breakfast…. this was worth it


The brilliant view from the Taal Vista Hotel .. fully obscured by the low flying cloud from Tropical Storm Kabayan

Breakfast at Antonio’s, Tagaytay, Cavite Province, Philippines

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