Hidden on Jupiter St in Makati is a small, american styled diner serving “burgers and bacon”  It’s called Lazy Bastard.  It hides a secret “speakeasy” style bar called Alcohol by Volume, or ABV.  Even Lazy Bastard is a little hard to find, but is pointed out by a large “Bacon and Burgers this way” sign.  Follow the arrows into the basement, find the hidden entrance, through an old elevator and a couple of doors to reveal ABV.

Gloomy, prohibition style, swing and jazz setting the mood.

There’s not many cocktails these guys can’t make, and even if they don’t have the exact ingredient, they are able to substitute with excellent results.  Don’t like the standards, tell them what you like and they’ll devise a cocktail to suit your mood and/or tastes, allow you to name it and give you the recipe.





P1100877 P1100885 P1100894 P1100903 P1100914

The room is very dark, and use of flash is not encouraged lest it spoil the mood.  However after finishing off an excellent cheesburger brought in from the Lazy Bastard diner, i was able to get this image of the clean serving board!


Stainless Steel straws … 🙂

P1100954 P1100970

Lazy Bastard and ABV, 22 Jupiter St, Cnr. Galaxy, Makati, Philippines

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