Pasteur St Brewing Co

The hot and humid weather lends itself to the drinking of lagers and pilsners.  As a result there are very few “native” ales to be found in Vietnam.  Of course you can pick up imports, but the team at Pasteur St are building a solid reputation with their local takes on IPAs, Stouts and Ales.

Easily the best beer I tasted in Vietnam (but then I’m not a fan of lagers!)



So many of the best places in Saigon and Hanoi seem to reside at the end of a narrow alley, and up some stairs.



Clockwise from the coaster : Petite Saison, Saigon Saison, Jasmine IPA, Nitro Coffee Brown Ale and Chocolate Stout

All great but the Saigon Saison and Jasmine IPA were the standouts for me.


Pasteur St Brewing Company, 144 Pasteur St, District 1, Saigon, Vietnam

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