Craft beers and great pub food… just be careful how you order…

Brewery, in BGC, Manila, is part of The Palace entertainment complex in the ever growing Fort Bonifacio Global City in Manila.  A very well set up brewery dominates the bar area for Brewery, with a significant number of holding tanks laid out on the second floor above the bar.


Beer was great, for me the IPA was the start of the show (3 from the left).   The German owner was disappointed that I didn’t like his Wheat Beer, but to me it was just a too much wheat beer.  Stout was creamy and rich.

Funny story about ordering the food.  We had been discussing how many places in the Philippines seem unable to make even basic changes to the menu.  Want to remove that tomato from the sandwich? ….  “Sorry Po, not on the menu” …. so ….

One of the group wanted to order the Broccoli Cream Soup, followed by a Schnitzel and Chips (good pub food 🙂 )…. so he asked for the soup and the schnitzel to be brought out together.  “Really?”, the waitress asked, “Together?” …. “Yes”, was the reply, “…at the same time, together.”  We should have clued on at that point, but a few beers had dulled our appreciation of the obvious issue that was coming our way ….

On the right is how it should be, on the left the “Schnitzel and Chip Floater”.  Tasted great though!

Brewery, Cnr 38th and 10th, Bonifacio Global City, Manila, Philippines

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