Hoi An Sunrise

Clambered out of bed at 4:00am on Friday 7th to visit some local markets and producers around Hoi An.  All of the produce is brought to market daily, often used before lunch and even though no refrigeration is used it is so fresh and used so quickly it is not needed.

We rode rode to a local bean sprout producer and saw them being harvested and washed for the daily deliveries, around 200kg per day, all being dug up and washed by hand from the back of their home.

Almost next door another family wakes at midnight to start the process of making rice noodles, these ones specifically for Cao Lau, a local Hoi An specialty.

Sunrise from our pushbikes as we rode rode to An Bang beach for a delicious bowl of Pho for breakfast


Local herb farmers ….. and a cocktail to finish up the morning.

Coconut Tours Sunrise Bike Tour

Hoi An, Vietnam

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