La Fiesta

The Largest Filipino Buffet, apparently.  It certainly was BIG, and lots of people, and loud (live music, families, kids etc)… and the food selection seemed never ending.

There are more buffets in Manila than I’ve had hot dinners, they are everywhere!
From 5-Star Hotels like the Shangri-La, to all manner of “all you can eat venues” scattered throughout the malls and metro area.  It’s amazing how busy they are, and how the families all come together for a feast, definitely at least three generations  but probably more.

I also can’t believe how much everyone does actually eat.  Sitting for 3-4 hours, always with food on their plates and forks.

Except the performers in the Cultural Show… They were keeping very busy, and keeping everyone entertained!


Everything was tasty, fresh and well presented (for a buffet!) and I ate just Filipino fare… after all that should be the best of the food, no?

La Fiesta Filipino Buffet, Seaside Blvd., Mall of Asia, Pasay, Philippines


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